Nail Art gradient


Want a Nail Art easy to achieve, chic and perfect for the summer? 
The gradient is for you! 

   - A sponge or foundation recovery 
   - Two nail varnish minimum 
   - A correction pen or cotton swabs with solvent 

   - A protective base 
   - A white lacquer 
   - A Top Coat 

Directed by: 
   1) Apply a base protective layer on the entire nail. 
   2) Apply one or two coats of white polish on the entire nail. This permettera to bring out the colors of the gradient. 
   3) Take the sponge and put a strip of each color in the gradient vertically. 
   4) Tap the whole nail with the sponge. 
   5) Clean the edges and cuticles with your corrector pen or cotton swabs and solvent. 
   6) Apply a layer of Top Coat. 

And you're done! You just make a Nail Art chic and fast, perfect for summer!

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