Recipe : Pop Cakes with chocolate spread


Hi guyes, today we find ourselves for a recipe of pop cakes with chocolate spread! I hope that the recipe(takings) will awaken your papillae !

Ingredients and materials(equipments) (for 10 pop cakes):

- 1 pound cake (home-made or bought in store) to make a pound cake house click here: 
- 1 cup of chocolate spread
- 1 spoon 
- 10 wooden sticks (or of lollipop)
- For the glazing, you can use some molten white chocolate, microphone(microcomputing) balls in sugar, pens of scrapcooking, decorations in almond paste... Give way to your imagination!

- Stage 1: crumble 1/2 of pound cake in a salad bowl. Add then the cup of chocolate spread and well mix to obtain a dough. 
- Stage 2: with the spoon, take a small quantity of dough and model

- Stage 3: after 2 hours in the refrigerator, crash sticks in them roll.
- Stage 4: decorate your pop cakes! 

It remains to you to savour your pop cakes with chocolate spread !

Enjoy your meal !

A bientôt !

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