First Nail Art of the year and ad !



I'm so happy to write a new article... Sorry to have not post any thing since Christmas... Like you can see, I changed the design of the blog. Bye bye the purple and the grey, welcome to dynamic and white. I changed also the logo. Now, the blog is not just about nails, but also about fashion, make-up, lifestyle, travel... In the coming days, I will make a lot of reviews about my favorite brand, make-up products... Of course, I will carry on post my Nails Art. I will present you also a Haul (from Texas) and article about Lifestyle (maybe a room-tour ?)... 

I created a new Instagram (about Lifestyle) : @MyCuteGolden
I keep my ID @MyCuteNailsOff, where I will carry on post my nails art. 

There are my first nail art of the year (and an other one : Lollipop) : 

XoXo, Emmy

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