Baby Lips : my opinion and my favourite


Hi guyes ! 

Baby lips is lip balms more or less colored with the brand "Gemey Maybelline New York". Their price is about 4 dollars, and we can find them in the stores of type malls, supermarket... 

Today, I am going to speak to you about my favourite baby lips, the Peach Kiss and Pink Punch of the classic collection, and the Strike A Rose of the electro collection.

1. The Pink Punch
The baby lips Pink Punch is my preferred. I think its pinkish color magnificent. Furthermore, it hydrates well, and is very pleasant to carry. Its perfume in red berries tempts to eat it! I think that he can go as well for the everyday days as for evening. Ilts color holds approximately 3 hours. Of more its pink tube in yellow writings: I love it !

2. The Peach Kiss

I also like very much the baby lips Peach Kiss. It has a color nude bright, slightly made iridescent. It is really moisturizing and smells well the peach. It is advisable to all the girls who wish to remain discreet !

3. The Strike A Rose

The baby lips Strike A Rose is a pigmented lip balm, completed for summer and for evenings! It smells well the peach and hydrates, according to me, a little that the precedents. I thik it a little less pleasant to carry that Peach Punch and Peach Kiss... But fortunately, its pink color, slightly salmon, catches up the whole!

To conclude, baby lips is magnificent for their packaging and their color. I think that the classics are more moisturizing and more pleasant to carry than the electro. On the other hand, eclectro is more pigmented than the classics ! In brief, baby lips are lip balms not to be missed !!

A bientôt !

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