#BMP3 : Christmas Pillow DIY



Today we find ourselves for the third day of our #BlogMasProject. Indeed, I am going to present you the first DIY of this series : a Christmas pillow ! As well to decorate its room, its lounge, or to gift, this personalized pillow is completed for all the opportinities! 

Beginning first of all with the material. You will need of:
- Of a pillow (rather white) 
- A brush
- Of painting for fabric or any supports, the color of your choice. I chose the gold for a style " Christmas "

- Glitter of the same color than your painting
- A pair of scissors
- The shape of your choice (I chose a snowflake) printed on classic white sheet (you can otherwise take directly stencils)

Step 1: To start, we will create our stencil to realize our motive. For that purpose, we will cut the inside of our shape.

Step 2: Then, we will place our home-made stencil on our white pillow.

Step 3: We paint all the inside of our stencil on the pillow.

Step 4: We go sprinkled our snowflake with golden glitter on the painting which is not still dry.

Step 5: We remove on pleased glitter which did not hang on painting, and we remove the stencil and tadaaa! 

Here you are with your beautiful Christmas pillow ready to be place!

I hope this small DIY was pleased to you, you will found tomorrow for the #BMP4 !


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