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Hey !

Before starting, I am sorry for my absence of several months... I took important exam and after I went in holiday in the French Riviera and I didn't have any WI-FI to post some articles. As you may have already noticed, I made a lot of changements in the design of the blog. I hope you enjoy these little novelties ! Normally, I will make a lot of articles in the future day, like reviews, DIY, makeup tutorials... In 18 days I will go to NYC, so I will make a travel diary and a Haul :)

But for the moment, I'm here to present you my new request : the CandyK LipKit from KylieComestics. 

First, let me tell you my little aventure... We was a Thursday of June when I went to SnapChat and I saw a Story of Kylie Jenner which said "restock now !".  Immediately, I went to the site of Kylie Cosmetics. Since Kylie made her collection, I had a crush for the CandyK, but every time when I go to the site, it was out stock... However, this time it was in stock ! So, quickly I put it on my shopping bag. A Kylie LipKit costs $29, but like I live in France, I had $14.95 of shipping charges. I thing it is expensive for a Lipstick, but I felt reassured when I said me "this is occasional, not every day". I prayed for doesn't have any customs fees...! 10 days later, I received my LipKit, but with a little surprise : $19.75 of customs fees ! To finish, my Kylie LipKit cost me $63.7 !                        

I like this product : I thing this is a actually quality ! The wearing is very ultra-long : I can drink, speak, eat, anything is moving ! The liquid lipstick have a high intensity pigment. It is sooo confortable and does not dry my lips out. The application is so easy. I like the color : a "old pink" but with a peachy touch. I like wear just the Lip Liner too (without the liquid lipstick).  I like the packaging : simple, but classy. 

It is a very good product, maybe one of the best liquid lipstick that I tested ! It's a big TOP ! But the final price (when we count the customs fees and the shipping charges) is too expensive... This is the only negative aspect !

I hope you enjoyed this article ;) Share it if you did !

XoXo, Emmy 

4 commentaires:

  1. Coucou !
    J'ai hésité à commander un des lipsticks de Kylie. Il faut dire qu'ils envoient du rêve : de jolies couleurs, une belle pigmentation et une tenue convenable sur les lèvres. J'aime particulièrement le Candy K, un très beau vieux rose ! Cependant, comme tu l'as écrit, les frais de port et la possibilité de payer des frais de douane m'ont calmé ahah Je n'en ai acheté aucun pour le moment, je verrai ça plus tard (si d'autres sites les proposent à la vente, on ne sait jamais).
    Bisous !

    1. Hello !
      En effet, les lipsticks sont vraiment magnifiques et de qualité, mais c'est vrai que les frais de port et la douane sont assez repoussants :(
      J'ai une amie qui a commandé deux kits sur ebay pour $35 chacun, avec très peu de frais de port (environ 4-5 dollars); ça peut être une bonne alternative au site officiel :)

  2. Ouhhaa il est superbe !! J'adore ! Dommage que les frais de douane font aussi mal :/

    1. Oui, c'est l'un des seuls points négatifs :(