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I hope you're fine; today I will present you a tag : Liebster Award. This tag aims to discover new blogs. 

The rules are very simple : 
   - Put the link of the blog of the person who nominated you
   - Express 11 facts about you 
   - Answer of the 11 questions asked by the blogger who tagged you 
   - Ask 11 questions
   - Tag 11 persons
   - Inform the tagged people
   - Inform the person who nominated you that you made the tag

I was nominated by La Vie d'Une petite Femme par and by Toute Belle. Thank you girls ! 

So, we start with the 11 Facts about me
   1. Ariana Grande is my favorite singer.
   2. I am a Starbucks addict.
   3. I have a little brother, who is 7 year old.
   4. Dog is my favorite animal (I have 3).
   5. I am in ninth grade (in 3ème for the French). 
   6. I skipped a grade.
   7. Gossip Girl is my favorite tv-show (CHUCK BASS <3<3).
   8. I am just 4'11" tall (1,50 meter).
   9. I am allergic to every fragrances of type 1.
  10. Maths is my favorite subject at school (yes, yes that is possible).
  11. I played the piano during 7 years.

Now, the questions by La Vie d'Une petite Femme par :

1. What does the name of your blog mean ? 
I called my blog "My Cute Nails", because I didn't want a name like "Emmy NailArt", that we see everywhere... "My" is because I decor myself my nails. "Cute" was the name of my dog, dead 1 year ago (her name was Cute Blueky). "Nails" is because the Nail Art is the main subject of the blog.

2. A thing which you want absolutely to make before dying? 
I would like to do a parachute jump... I don't know why, but I want to know this sensation, this emotion... I would like to meet Dr Michael Salzhauer.

3. In which conditions do you like to write ? 
It makes little clichet, but I like write alone, in my bed or in my desk, with a Caramel Latte Macchiato from Starbucks in the hand, and my pad in the other.

4. Early riser or night-owl ?
Night-owl, in the big despair of my parents...

5. Your favorite brand of make up or fashion ?
M.A.C and American Eagles Outfitters, without hesitating !

6. What is the song which boosts you ?
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars ft. Mark Robson.

7. Your favorite number ?
6, I don't know why lol

8. Addict to your phone ?
Yes, yes, yes... 

9. Soda, coffee, tea or hot chocolate ?
Iced coffee : Iced Caramel Macchiato OMMMMMGGGGG 

10. Your favorite novel ?
I don't have a favorite novel... I read a little of everything, as Gossip Girl as Madame Bovary... But I was in love with After. 

11. Your favorite quotation ? 
" Don't dream your life, live your dreams".

Now, the questions by Toute Belle :

1. Why did you create your blog ?
I discovered the Nail Art by blog, so I decided to share my passion like I learnt it. I made an English blog rather a French blog to communicate with globals passionated, and to improve my language...

2. Did you watch some bloggers or youtubers before to start your blog ?
Yes, I did ! This is when I saw videos on YouTube that I wanted to create a blog.

3. What is your favorite shop ?
It is a little the same question than "What is your favorite brand" so I said American Eagles Outfitters and M.A.C. 
4. What is your passion?
I enjoy Nail Art, fashion and make up... But my first passion is the Nail Art. I like everything which is related with the creativity.

5. What is the color that you have the most on you dressing ?
I thing it's the grey and blue...

6. If you will be an animal, what will you be ?
Humm I don't know... Maybe a feline...

7. Where do you want to travel ?
I love the United States... I have the chance to go every summer. My favorite city is LA and NYC. I would like to go to Australia too, or maybe to Hawaï to see great landscapes, swim with turtles...

8. The most beautiful present that did you receive ? 
My Summer trip of 2015, in US. I went to NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Zion, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon... It was a magic trip !

9. What do you want to do (job) or what is your job? 
I would like to be a plastic surgeon, it's one of my dream since I'm 9.

10. Do you prefer fruit juice or soda ? 
Fruit Juice !

11. What shoes would you like to have  ? 
Currently, I would like to have SuperStar Addidas custom from CLVII. 

Now, my questions (I wrote it in French too for the French nominated): 
1. What is your dream ?/Quel est ton rêve ?
2. What is your favorite brand (make up and clothes)? /Quelle est ta marque favorite (maquillage et vêtements) ?
3. What is your Spring beauty essential ? /Quel est ton essentiel beauté pour le printemps ?
4. What is your essential of every day ? /Quel est ton essentiel de tous les jours ?
5. Your biggest fault ? /Ton plus grand défaut ?
6. Your biggest quality ? /Ta plus grande qualité ?
7. Your favorite song ? /Ta chanson préférée ?
8. Why did you create your blog ? /Pourquoi as-tu ouvert ton blog ?
9. What is your favorite summer drink ? /Ta boisson préférée pour l'été ?
10. What is your pair of shoes which you can not live without ? /Ta paire de chaussures dont tu ne peux pas te passer (ta préférée) ?
11. Your favorite quotation ? /Ta citation favorite ?

To finish, I tag
♡ Beauté Blog
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♡ Coco Donut
Caroline The City
October 25Th
La vie en Lucie
 Les confidences de Clem

I hope you enjoyed this article ! Share it if you did ;) See you next time !

XoXo, Emmy 

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