Hi sweeties, 
You're certainly saying "wow Emmy, what are you doing here?", but yes girls, I'm back! I think I didn't write you since 6 months, High-School took me all my time, between the friends, boyfriend, homework ... Also, I wasn't really motivated. But after a lot of events (bad for about some), I miss you very much, so I decided to regain control on my blog and on my life. I restart the sport, work more... Yes, it's a little like a new departure (again!). 
I programmed to do a lot of new articles, such as reviews about beauty, fashion (because omg I love it, and it's summer soon!), lifestyle. I have many ideas, I'll create a new cane of post, about the subjects of the life in general, especially for the teenagers (love, experience, taboos...). It will be a new article every Tuesday. 
Since two weeks, I'm a partner of InfluenceHer Collective, a community for influencers to share ideas and inspiration with one another.
With this long period of absence, I lost much notoriety... So please don't hesitate to share the blog on social networks, to talk to your friends, your family, subscribe... It helps me to continue, give me a lot of motivation when you're increasing to read me! I rely on you! 

Add me on Snapchat : mycutenailsoff or emmy.cohak ! 
My Instagram : @emmycohzn @mycutegolden @mycutenailsoff
My tweeter : @EmmyChn

See you Tuesday for a new article! 

Xoxo, Emmy 

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