#BMP1 : "I love Winter"


Today I find you for the very first article of #BlogMasProject. Who says in December, says winter … Then what is better to begin the month than speaking about its season? You understood it, I am going to present you the tag " I coil Winter "! So here we go ! 

1- Your product lip preferred for winter?

My simple transparent lip balm from La Roche Posay, or otherwise my lipstick "Nippon" MAC collection Pearl Pop Lipstick (untraceable in France!).

2 - Your varnish preferred for winter?
Burgundy, Burgundy, Burgundy … It is one of my favorite colors for winter! My two small darlings are Kiko n°317, and the Blood red from Miss Cop.

3 - What do you prefer for cocooning ? 
The winter would not be the winter without a good episode of Gossip Girl by being warm under the braid ! 

4 - Your favorite 
accessory of the winter?
The UGG! It is really THE inescapable shoes (finally according to me of course)! I have four pairs of it, and we are so very inside … Otherwise this year I am really in love with my Down jacket of Eleven Paris!

5 - Your chocolates preferred for Christmas?
Ferrero Rocher (and Nutella, but as all the rest of the year ! ).

6- Have you already made your list to the Santa Claus?
Yes! (but I will tell you everything in a next article)

 7 - With who do you go to spend Christmas?
With my family (my mother, my father, my brother, my grandparents, my cousins/cousins, my uncles/aunts …) That is the way it is every year ! 

8- If we could offer you the present of your dreams without valuable limit, it would be what?
Return in New York, for a long, long, long time !

9 - Except for Christmas and the New Year, which do you like in winter?
I can take out again my UGG lol

I tag in my tour all those who wants to make this tag, I just ask you to leave me your link in comment that I go to read it or to look at it !
We find ourselves for a new article of #BlogMasProject tomorrow !


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